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Organization of teaching activities

Courses' organization

Mandatory Courses SSD Sem.  CFU
DP - Distributed Programming for Web, IoT and Mobile Systems INF/01 I 6
AMA-CPS - Architecture, Model and Analysis of Cyber Physical Systems INF/01 I/II 12
AST - Automated Software Testing INF/01 II 6
SAMSoftware Architectures and Methodologies ING-INF/05 II 6
SPESoftware Performance Engineering INF/01 I 6
CNSComputer and Network Security  INF/01
I 12
Bootcamp 3
Final Exam: Thesis work 24
Final Exam 3
Computer Science Courses SSD Sem. CFU
RRTC - Resiliency, Real Time and Certification INF/01 I 6
DCML - Data Collection and Machine Learning for Critical Cyber-Physical Systems INF/01 I 6
PTPenetration Testing INF/01 II 6
MLSAMachine Learning for Software Analysis  INF/01 II 6
SDSoftware Dependability ING-INF/05 I 6
QESMQuantitative Evaluation of Stochastic Models ING-INF/05 II 6
SPMSoftware Project Management INF/01 I 6
GDGame Development INF/01 II 6
Related Courses SSD Sem. CFU
SMCS - Statistical Methods for Computer Science SECS-S/01 II 6
ENC - Elements of Numerical Calculus MAT/08 I 6
OROOperations Research and Optimization MAT/09 II 6
OMLOptimization and Machine Learning for Dynamical Systems ING-INF/04 I 6






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